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This page will serve as a resource for those wishing to identify dangerous animals in the area.

According to City Municipal Code, a dangerous animal is defined as the following:

“Dangerous animal” means any animal that by its behavior or training constitutes an immediate or serious physical threat to human beings or other domestic animals. 

Factors to be considered by the Animal Control Commission shall include the following:

  1. Circumstances that resulted in any injury or death to persons or animals, or serious destruction of property.
  2. Whether the animal was acting to defend itself, its offspring, persons, territory or property or was in some fashion provoked.
  3. The number, frequency and seriousness of past events causing damage to persons, property or other animals.
  4. The ability of the owner to control the animal, whether the animal has been previously abused and whether the animal’s behavior appears to be unpredictable.
  5. The potential for future damage by the animal due to the size, muscularity and bite strength of the animal.
  6. Lesser weight shall be given toward a finding of dangerousness if any animals killed or injured are traditionally animals hunted for sport or are considered vermin.
  7. Greater weight toward a finding of dangerousness shall be given to animals which are dangerous to persons as opposed to other animals.
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