ColumBUS’ Rack & Roll program helps people enjoy biking even more. Now people can travel even further with their bicycle or travel through areas of Columbus that may not be conducive to bicycling.

ColumBUS has bike racks on all of its low floor buses that serve Columbus. You can ride part of the way to or from class or work; or bike one way and catch the bus back the other way. Either way, ColumBUS wants to make biking easier for everyone in the community.

Why not Rack ‘n” Roll? There is no extra fare to bring your bike along!

The new bike racks have been thoroughly tested and are safe and easy to use. There are simple instructions posted right above them on the bus. Each rack, located at the front of the bus, holds up to two bikes.

Once in the rack, bikes are held firmly in place by spring-loaded clamps. Bikes do not touch one another or the bus, assuring safe, secure transport. Each bike can be loaded or unloaded independently without affecting other bikes. The racks are designed to accommodate two wheeled, single seat bicycles. Motorized cycles, tandems, tricycles, and bicycles with wheels less than 16 inches in diameter and/or fenders or other attachments (like baskets) that get in the way of securing the tire directly to the support arm, are not compatible with the bike racks.

Rack & Roll Safety Tips

  • When loading or unloading a bicycle, maintain as much eye contact with the bus drivers as possible.
  • Avoid kneeling or squatting out of the bus driver’s line of vision.
  • Be sure to load and unload your bicycle toward the curb.
  • When approaching and leaving the bus, be aware of the bus driver’s blind spots and avoid them. Areas behind the wheel on both sides of the bus are major blind spots.
  • Be aware of vehicle traffic when loading or unloading your bicycle. When you are riding always remember the blind spots affecting the driver’s ability to see you.
  • Always wear a safety helmet when riding your bicycle.
  • Children 12 and under may use the rack only when accompanied by an adult.
  • Bicycles are not allowed inside of the bus.
  • ColumBUS is not responsible for damage incurred or caused to bicycles on ColumBUS bicycle racks.

Watch this video on using the city bus bicycle racks. 

For more information call 812-376-2506.