Columbus Municipal Airport
Building Site Land Leases

The City of Columbus, Indiana is located in South Central Indiana, approximately 45 miles south of Indianapolis, Indiana; 80 miles west of Cincinnati, Ohio; and 75 miles north of Louisville, Kentucky.

The City of Columbus owns and the Columbus Board of Aviation Commissioners (BOAC) operates the Columbus Municipal Airport, which is located on the north side of the city.

City Utilities and Services:
All public works utilities are available to accommodate any proposed projects. These utilities are provided by:

Water: Columbus City Utilities
Sewer: Columbus City Utilities
Natural Gas: Vectren Energy Delivery
Electrical Power: Duke Energy
Telephone: AT&T
Wireless Internet & Fiber Optic Connections: TLS, Inc.

Following is a list of information concerning leasing building sites on Airport property. There are currently several lots available for rent. For more details, please contact the Airport Administration Office at 812-376-2519.

1) Land leases are available on a long-term basis with options to increase the term of leases up to 40, or more, years.
2) Lease fees are established at 8% per year of current appraised land value.
3) Leases will be a fixed rate for the first five (5) years. Adjustments will be made to the rate at the end of each five (5) year period equal to the change in the Consumer Price Index for the previous period.
4) The Board of Aviation Commissioners will have final approval of any and all buildings to be constructed.
5) All leases will require lessee to keep the land and the building(s) in clean, neat condition, and in good repair.
6) Lessee will have rights to all improvements and would have the option to remove improvements and return land to original condition at expiration of lease.
7) Leases will be prepared by the Board of Aviation Commissioner’s Attorney and will be in the same basic format, and contain the same basic clauses, as other leases.

Interested Developers
Contact the City of Columbus Planning Department at (812) 376-2550 or Airport Administration at (812) 376-2519 to review the Columbus Municipal AirPark’s Planned Unit Development guidelines and standards.

Updated June 10, 2020