Many people develop an interest in aviation by attending an air show or visiting an airport. Perhaps you’ve eaten at Blackerby’s Hangar 5 restaurant and gazed out at the comings and goings of local pilots. Or maybe you’re already a pilot and but have someone in mind who you think would enjoy learning to fly.

Whether you’re thinking about becoming a pilot or just know someone who is, there’s no better time to learn to fly, thanks to the flight school based at the Columbus Municipal Airport.

There are countless reasons to learn to fly. You could go skiing just for the weekend without the hassle of an hours long drive. You could visit family or friends out of state – just for lunch. You might have a business reason to learn to fly. For example, covering a big sales territory in a general aviation airplane is the way to do it, on your own schedule, not the airlines’. Perhaps you are making a career choice and are attracted to aviation. Whether you learn to fly for fun or for a more serious reason, there’s no time like the present.

The pilots around you were not born pilots. Like you, they went through a training process. Many have learned to fly right here, with instructors like one you will soon meet.

You can learn more about becoming a pilot at Be A Pilot, or the Cessna Start Flying websites. If you are between the ages of 8 and 17, the local EAA Chapter 729 Young Eagles program is designed just for you.

Ask a pilot friend to show you what flying is all about. Don’t hesitate, we all love sharing the joy of flight.

When you are ready, call Jet Access at 812-372-1819 and ask for a flight instructor to begin your new adventure!

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