Smoke alarms save lives! A working smoke alarm in the home increasesA Columbus Firefighter extends his arm up to a residential ceiling where a smoke alarm is located. The firefighter is placing his finger on the smoke alarm test button as the male homeowner stands next to the firefighter, watching the process. The hallway is narrow and ceiling is approximately seven feet high. the likelihood of surviving a residential fire by fifty percent. Smoke alarms don’t last forever. A smoke alarm is considered to expire 10 years after the date of manufacture. This date is usually found on the back or the side of the smoke alarm device. If your alarm is over ten years old, you will need to replace the alarm. The Columbus Fire Department, through a partnership with the Southeast Indiana Chapter of the American Red Cross, can assist low income families with the installation of life saving smoke alarms at no cost. Columbus residents may contact the Columbus Fire Department at (812) 376-2679 to schedule a smoke alarm installation.

General Smoke Alarm Info