Intelligence Led Policing (ILP) is a transition from traditional policing  methods to improving public safety, reducing crime and making the best use of resources by centralizing all intelligence information, analyzing the intelligence and providing actionable direction for law enforcement activities. ILP is an initiative that is recognized by the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), Office of Justice Programs and U.S. Department of Justice as being successful in combating complex crime problems plaguing communities. We have identified our community’s crime problem as property crime (In 2016 , our property crime rate was 67.89 % higher than the national average.), which is arguably driven by drug crimes and addiction.

In 2017, our department began the transition to shift to this cutting edge method of policing. CPD established an ILP unit, hired a civilian criminal intelligence analyst and added technologies to our existing data bases.  We now gather all information in one central location, where it is analyzed to predict future crimes and link sources of information to solve crimes that have already  been committed. We are now in a position to objectively direct police resource decisions by providing actionable information to officers to carry out the interventions and act on the predictions that will lead to reduced crime.



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