Police officer with child looking at toys.

School Resource Officers

Prior to 2014, the department had partnered with the Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation in a variety of programs, where the school-police relationship has been strong and productive. In 2014, there was an additional commitment and formalization of the partnership by the addition of two School Resource Officers assigned full-time to the schools.  Two additional CPD officers were recently assigned to our schools.

The majority the officer’s time is spent engaging with students in a positive manner, and not acting in an enforcement role. The primary purpose of such initiative is to maintain a safe environment for students, school personnel, and other people using school facilities by:

  • Enhancing physical safety and security in school and on school grounds through prevention and intervention strategies.
  • Assisting with the development of school safety and lock-down plans.
  • Patrolling routes to school.
  • Conducting safety and security inspections.
  • Performing sweeps for weapons or drugs.
  • Suppressing violent incidents such as fights, domestic situations, or stalking cases.
  • Maintaining an environment in which students feel safe from threats or incidents of bullying.

Uniform Patrol

The Uniform Patrol Division of the Columbus Police Department carries a long and proud history of service to the citizens of Columbus and the surrounding area. Twenty fours hours a day, seven days a week, the men and women of the Uniform Division strive to keep Columbus a safe and vibrant city.

The Uniform Patrol Division forms the backbone of the Department and serves as our first response to any call or crisis that may occur within the city.  At times, some shifts average over 100 calls for service in just an eight-hour period.

The Uniform Patrol Division consists of three shifts that operate around the clock. Typically, each shift has fifteen to eighteen officers assigned that work on a rotating basis.

When an officer hires on to the Columbus Police Department, he or she will be assigned to the Uniform Division at the completion of the Department’s field training program. Uniform officers range from first year rookies to twenty-plus year veterans.

Officers assigned to the Uniform Patrol Division respond to all types of calls from the slightest to the most dangerous. We provide community services such as assistance for stranded motorist, funeral escorts, and parade details. We routinely respond to domestic violence calls, suspicious persons, prowlers, burglary alarms, fights, traffic accidents, weather related emergencies, and numerous other types of calls for assistance. At times, our uniform officers are asked to place their own personal safety at risk by responding to high priority calls. Incidents involving weapons, high-speed pursuits, and/or violent criminals have become more frequent. With the influx of drugs such as methamphetamine into our area, uniform officers are often called upon to deal with subjects under the influence of powerful, mind-altering, substances. The shear nature of these drugs make this situation unpredictable at best and extremely dangerous at its worst.

Members of the Uniform Patrol Division strive to maintain a professional image, not only in their appearance, but also in the performance of their duties. The Columbus Police Department prides itself on being one of the best-trained agencies in the state of Indiana. This is immediately reflected in the work the men and women of the Uniform Patrol Division do on a daily basis.

They may not know what the next day or even the next call will require of them as officers, but rest assured, whatever it is, they will strive to perform in a fair, disciplined, and highly professional manner.