The Columbus Police Department Bike Patrol Unit was established in the early 1990’s. This is a specialty unit that primarily utilizes specially designed bicycles to allow for patrolling under unique circumstances.

Special Functions: The Bike Patrol Unit is used in parades, high crime areas, routine patrol, traffic and criminal law enforcement, bike rodeos, and bike safety education.

Goals:  Through the years, Bike Patrol has touched almost every street in the Columbus Police Department’s jurisdiction.  The goal of Bike Patrol is to find a balance between Public Relations and Law Enforcement.  Using the bicycle is a great tool to interact with the community in a positive manner, but also is very effective in crime reduction.   ” It is this unit’s goal to educate children and adults on bike safety and be more approachable to all citizens.”

Training:  Each member of the Bike Patrol Unit must complete a 40 hour bike school certified by IPMBA (International Police Mountain Bike Association)CPD officers learn about low and high speed biking, road hazards, obstacle clearing, how to avoid common crashes, and how to make rolling apprehensions. On a typical day, officers may ride an average of 30 to 50 miles.

Safety:  Each member of the Bike Patrol Unit is equipped with all necessary safety equipment.  This includes, but is not limited to: bike helmets, front and rear lights, bells, and pedal retention devices.  CPD Bike Patrol Officers practice the ABC Quick-Check before hitting the road.

A– Air: tire pressure up? (Look for the right pressure on the side of the tire)

B – Brakes: firm grip, secure pads?

C – Crank: turning smoothly?

These same steps can be utilized by any person about to ride a bicycle.

This is just a small sample of some of the things that the Bike Patrol can teach to the community.

Remember to always be aware of your surroundings and wear your helmet while riding.