Go Green 2017-02-04T14:52:05+00:00

The City Engineer’s Office is working to be environmentally aware and responsible by considering the following on all city projects:

Reduce energy consumption

  • Reduce fuel consumption by reducing delays to motorists on our streets
  • Reduce electrical use by installing LED traffic signals
  • Investigate the use of LED and solar streetlights to reduce electrical demandE
  • Encourage non-motorized transportation by enforcing and implementing the Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan

Reduce emissions

  • Reduce vehicle delay and idling by traffic signal re-timing and coordination
  • Encourage people-powered transportation by considering pedestrian and bicycle friendly improvements on all city projects


  • The City of Columbus encourages and allows the use of up to 25 percent recycled asphalt pavement content in all street projects

Low impact design (LID)

  • The City carefully considers the scope of all street improvements to provide the needed improvements while avoiding the installation of excess pavement (and generating excess storm water runoff)