The job of Code Enforcement officials is to protect the public health, safety and welfare of Columbus City residents. Code Enforcement is also responsible for the prevention, detection and investigation of violations to the City’s municipal code and zoning ordinance. This is accomplished by having a good working knowledge of City, County and State codes and the intent of the regulations set by City, County and State elected officials. In addition, it is the responsibility for the City of Columbus Code Enforcement Officer to document and be accountable for records related to each violation.

Observations made by City residents and City agencies regarding housing, residential/ commercial building, land use, zoning, businesses and other property are investigated and resolved using a variety of procedures that are regulated by the State, County and City. Examples of code enforcement issues this office deals with include the following:

The Columbus Code Enforcement office proactively works with residents and City and County departments to resolve issues and problems as quickly and easily as possible. It is also part of our job to use common sense and courtesy in the process. If violations on a property are not resolved the City has the authority to impose administrative fines using the guidelines outlined by State and City Municipal Codes.

The City of Columbus and Code Enforcement realize that unfortunate situations may occur through no fault of a property owner or tenant. Flood, fire, storms, vandalism and death are just a few reasons property goes into disrepair and becomes subject to code violation. Code Enforcement will always try to work with residents and property owners when this occurs. However, when a situation arises that requires violation notification because of deliberate neglect, non-activity, unlawful activity or public nuisance that infringes on the property rights of neighbors, the City must take action to resolve the situation.

If a situation arises that you feel needs our attention, please contact Fred Barnett at 812-343-8864 or or Erika Smith at  812-343-1671 or