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The Columbus Community Garden is located just off Cessna Drive at the Columbus Municipal Airport.  Those who had plots in 2020 and would like to have their same plot(s) in 2021 may register beginning March 1, 2021 through March 26, 2021.  Registration for the general public will be open beginning on March 29, 2021.  Closing date for the garden will be October 25, 2021.                           THERE ARE NO PLOTS AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME.                                                                                                                                                                                                            


Large plot (22.5′ X 45′) – $25

Small plot ( 22.5′ X 22.5′) – $15

Garden Map

If you have questions please contact Community Development at or 812-376-2520.


In 1982 the former local philanthropic organization Irwin Sweeney Miller Foundation launched a community garden project in Columbus. The initial purpose was to give city residents that did not have a suitable area for their own garden the opportunity to grow food, or to practice amateur gardening. The original location for the Columbus community garden was in the area now occupied by FairOaks Mall on 25th Street.

The city assisted Irwin Sweeney Miller Foundation with the project in 1983. The community garden was moved to Middle Road on Columbus Airport property that year. The following year, 1984, the city of Columbus assumed full management of the community garden project. The garden has remained at the Airport, but has since been moved to its third, and current  location off Cessna Drive.

2020 will be the 38th year of the Columbus community garden. The current lay-out of the garden features 62 large plots (45′ X 22.5′) and 51 small plots (22.5′ X 22.5′). Gardeners rent plots for $25 (large plot) or $15 (small plot) for the season. The project is funded solely by gardener’s rental fees. Community garden receives support from Columbus City Utilities, Columbus Engineer’s Office, City Garage, and the Aviation Board.


Please do not plant trees, invasive plants, or build permanent structures. Do not plant in area(s) outside the confines of your plot(s). Failure to maintain plot(s) will result in their forfeiture.

Pesticides and herbicides are not permitted. Organic products may be used.

All gardeners maintain common areas. Please do not allow vegetation, weeds, etc. to encroach on other gardens or on common areas.

Keep your plot(s) and adjacent pathways free of trash and litter. Respect other’s property and make sure children are supervised at all times.

At the end of the season, it is your responsibility to clean up your plot(s).

Report Water Vendor problems directly to Columbus City Utilities at 372-8861.

Remember, “keep those hands dirty” and if you are able, please plant an extra row for Love Chapel.