In February 2018, the City of Columbus passed a Residential Rental Registration Ordinance which requires all residential rental property inside city limits to be registered with the Department of Community Development.  This does not affect industrial or commercial rental property.

The purpose of this registration is to provide contact information of the property owner and/or his agent in order to provide an efficient and timely system of communication regarding a variety of issues regarding fire and safety, law enforcement, and code enforcement for the health, safety, and welfare of all residents of the City.

Residential Rental Registration Ordinance (PDF)

Residential Rental Registration Application (PDF)


All applications are to be submitted within 30 days of purchase or ownership change with a $5 fee per parcel of residential rental property owned.

Fees will be accepted in cash or by check made payable to  “City of Columbus.”

Any residential rental owners who have questions are encouraged to contact Robin Hilber, Assistant Director, Fred Barnett or Erika Smith, Code Enforcement Officers, at the City of Columbus Department of Community Development at (812) 376-2520.