3-22-2021 Although this section of Taylor Road appears as though it is finished, there are still several items that Milestone must complete.  The road cannot be opened until everything is signed off on and the project is accepted by INDOT and the City.  Milestone will return as quickly as their schedule allows to finish up this section, weather depending. 

11-12-2020  The paving is complete.  Milestone will continue to work on various aspects of the project through the winter, weather permitting.

Beginning 7AM Saturday 10/24/2020 through Wednesday 10/29/2020, Milestone will be installing curb through the driveways. 

Affected residents should park curbside along their property.  Milestone appreciates the cooperation and patience of those affected. 

10/13/2020 Storm sewer is complete.  Preparing soil for curb and gutter installation. Work is progressing on schedule.

9/15/2020 update
Water lines have been relocated.  Storm sewer is being installed.  Work is progressing on schedule.

8/26/2020 update
The road was closed on Monday 8/24 as scheduled.  The pavement has been milled.

8/17/2020 update
Milestone is scheduled to close Taylor Road –  31st Street to Rocky Ford Road, on Monday 8/24/2020.

7/24/2020 update
Milestone Contractors will be the contractor for Phase 1.  Construction is projected to begin mid-August.

Project Overview
The Taylor Road Improvement Project will be divided into two phases:
Phase 2  from 31st Street to Rocky Ford Road will begin in August 2020.
Phase 1  from 25th Street to 31st Street will begin in 2021.

Planned improvements will make the road significantly safer for motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians.
Improvements include:
*    11′ roadway lane, one lane in each direction
*    8′ concrete side path on the west side
*    5′ concrete sidewalk on the east side
*    New curb/gutter, pavement markings and signage
*    One mini roundabout at 31st Street & Taylor Road and another at
*    One mini roundabout at Fairlawn Drive
*    One mini roundabout at 31st Street

Cross Sections
31st Street to Bonaventure Drive Cross Section
Bonaventure Drive to Rocky Ford Road Cross Section