Street lighting helps promote safety and security for drivers, riders, pedestrians, roadways, intersections, and neighborhoods.  In past years, the City’s standard streetlight option has been a 100-watt cobra head, sodium vapor light mounted on a wood pole. Over the next several years, the City will be working with the electric providers to transition from sodium vapor lights to LED lights.  When streetlights burn out and can no longer be repaired, they will be converted to LED lighting.  LED lighting products are up to 90% more efficient than incandescent light bulbs.  LED lights have a much longer life expectancy, are more energy-efficient and reliable, and provide high brightness and intensity while radiating low heat.  There will be streetlights throughout the City that shine brighter than others do and streetlights that do not match during the transition. However, in the end, these inconveniences will result in more energy – efficient, economical, and reliable street light system.

Local streetlight fixtures and poles are owned, operated, and maintained by Duke Energy or Bartholomew County REMC.  The City of Columbus pays for the initial equipment to be installed and pays the maintenance and energy costs associated with the streetlight.  In new housing developments, if a developer wishes to install decorative lights and poles on city streets, rather than the standard, the developer must pay for any additional charges.

If you notice an issue with a streetlight, please take a minute to report it.  The electric providers only know about problems if they are notified.  Both Duke Energy and BCREMC have simple online reporting systems.
(Enter City of Columbus for the account number)

Streetlights are repaired during daytime hours, so technicians must be able to identify the lights.  Please provide as much information as you can.

Address – provide the street address closest to the light, such as the light is across the street from 1234 Columbus Lane

Directional and/or Intersection – the light is located at the southwest corner (SW) of the intersection of ABC Street and XYZ Lane.  

Pole Number – only if it can be easily and safely obtained.

If you have streetlight questions or need assistance reporting a streetlight issue, please contact the City Engineering Department at 812-376-2540 or