The City of Columbus Shared Cost Sidewalk and Curb (SCSC) Program is designed to encourage the reconstruction of residential sidewalks and curbs and to fill-in gaps in existing sidewalk connections. Not-for-profit organizations and commercial property may also qualify.  The City of Columbus will reimburse $6 per square foot of sidewalk and $50 per linear foot of curb. For commercial sidewalk and curb, the maximum reimbursement amount per business entity will not exceed $10,000 per calendar year. There is no application deadline, however, the number of SCSC Program requests approved will be limited by annual funding.

Follow these steps to participate in the SCSC Program:

Complete and submit the online application.

Or download and print an application.  Submit the printed application by email to or by U.S. Mail to the City Engineer’s Office, 123 Washington Street, Columbus IN  47201.

Shared Cost Sidewalk and Curb Program – Project Sketch Template

An Engineering staff member will review the application and visit the site to inspect and measure the sidewalk and/or curb.

The City will be responsible for any curb ramps at intersections and any alley approach work.

The Applicant will receive a letter from the City via email or U.S. Mail.  The approximate reimbursement amount, as well as other important information, will be included in the letter.  Please read this participation letter thoroughly.

Call for an inspection prior to placing concrete.  To schedule an inspection with an Engineering staff member, please email or call 812-376-2540.   24 hours’ notice is required.

After the work is completed to the Applicant’s satisfaction and has been inspected and approved by an Engineering staff member, the Applicant should pay all contractors and suppliers.  The City will not pay contractors or suppliers directly.

Upon completion and submission of required documents, the City will issue a check to the Applicant. Please allow approximately three weeks for receipt of payment.