Loose Leaf Collection Update

Due to leaves falling all at once and the past Veteran’s Day Holiday, City crews are running behind on the normal leaf collection schedule. Loose leaves that are normally picked up on your trash day will  now be picked up approximately a day and a half later. Your patience and cooperation is appreciated as City [...]

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Statement on Flooding on City Streets

Due to the extensive rain the Columbus area experienced on Sunday, November 4, many streets and storm sewers are flooded. The flooding is also compounded by leaves in the streets and storm sewers, which inhibits drainage. The Columbus Police Department and Department of Public Works employees have been out all Sunday evening dealing with flooded [...]

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DPW Announces Fall Street Sweeping Schedule

The City of Columbus Department of Public Works has released the Fall Street Sweeping Schedule for the city. Residents are invited to view the schedule and make note of times when no parking restrictions may be in place in their areas of residence and employment. Fall Street Sweeping Schedule For questions, contact the Department of [...]

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Exhibit Columbus: In the News

Exhibit Columbus...and Columbus, Indiana in general...have been in the news lately, thanks to the overwhelming praise received for Columbus (the movie) and the installations in our community. Our favorite article so far is this one from Aaron Renn, which is reprinted with permission. You can view the original article, and learn more about Aaron Renn here. [...]

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Exhibit Columbus Now Open

Explore the past, present, and future of design at 18 outdoor, site-responsive installations that energize spaces in and around Columbus’ masterpieces of modern architecture. The exhibition creates exciting new ways to experience Columbus' design heritage for residents and newcomers alike.

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Annual Hydrant Flushing Scheduled for September 11-14

As part of its annual flushing program for the water system, the Columbus City Utilities will be flushing hydrants throughout the city from September 11 through September 14. The purpose of the flushing is to remove iron and manganese sedimentation from the water mains. This sedimentation, while completely safe from a health standpoint, can cause [...]

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Columbus Railroad Project – Website

This Columbus Railroad Project site will provide the citizens of Columbus and Bartholomew County with the latest Columbus Railroad Project information. The website goal is to enhance communication with the public, improve public safety and help mitigate traffic issues.

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