Alcoholic Beverage Commission

NameTermExpiresAppointed By
Phyllis Apple 1 Year12/31/21County Council
Jessie DeWeese1 Year12/31/22Mayor
Susan Whipker *1 Year12/31/21County Commissioners
Meet: 2nd Tuesday of every month, 10:00 AM, County Commissioners Chambers

Animal Care Commission

NameTermExpiresAppointed By
Amy Henderson4 Years12/31/23Mayor
Capt. Steve NormanN/AN/APolice Dept. Ex-Officio
Colleen Herrick*4 Years12/31/25Mayor
Dr. Jack ChailleN/AN/A
Joellen Watanabe4 Years12/31/23Mayor
Tom Dell4 Years12/31/23Mayor
Bill Porter4 Years12/31/25Mayor
Meet: Bi-monthly

City Council Liaison: Tom Dell
Attorney: Mary Stroh

City Plan Commission

NameTermExpiresAppointed By
Julie Abedian 1 YearAnnuallyParks Board
Dennis Baute *4 Years12/31/25Mayor
Dave Bush AnnualN/ACity Council
Zack Ellison 4 Years12/31/24County Commissioners
Evan Kleinhenz 4 Years12/31/22County Commissioners
Laura Garrett 4 Years12/31/22Mayor
Dave HaywardPermanentIndiana Law Statute
Barry Kastner 4 Years12/31/24Mayor
Michael Kinder4 Years12/31/23Mayor
Russ Poling4 Years12/31/22Mayor
Amber Porter 4 Years12/31/22Board of Works
Tom FinkeAnnually12/21/22County Plan Commission
Meet: 2nd Wednesday, 4:00 p.m., City Hall Council Chamber
Attorney - Alex Whitted
City Council Liaison: David Bush
Bartholomew County Plan Commission Liaison - Tom Finke
*Denotes Chairperson of Board/Commission

Human Rights Commission

NameTermExpiresAppointed By
Joy Basa-King*3 Years3/31/23City Council
Mike Champlin3 Years3/31/23City Council
Jasmine O'Conner3 Years3/31/25City Council
Sondra Bolte3 Years3/31/25City Council
Tyler Davis3 years3/31/23City Council
Richard Gold3 Years3/31/25City Council
Gregory S. Lewis3 Years3/31/24City Council
Amanda Roggow3 years3/31/23City Council
Claudia Sanchez-Davilia3 Years3/31/24City Council
Matt Souza3 Years3/31/25City Council
Open3 Years3/31/24City Council
Attorney - Mary Stroh
City Council Liaison: Tim Shuffett
Meet: Last Wednesday of Each Month, 4:30 p.m. (except for December) in City Hall Council Chambers

*Denotes Chairperson of Board/Commission City Council

Joint District Plan Commission

NameTermExpiresAppointed By
Karen Niverson3 Years12/31/23Mayor

Redevelopment Commission

NameTermExpiresAppointed By 
Al Roszczyk1 Year12/31/22CouncilPresident
Kyle Hendricks1 Year12/31/22MayorVice President
Lisa Shafran1 Year12/31/22Mayor
Shannon McDonald1 Year12/31/22Council
Trena Carter1 Year12/31/22MayorSecretary
Nicole Wheeldon2 Year12/31/22BCSC
Attorney: Stan Gamso
Meet: 3rd Monday of every month at 4:00 p.m. at City Hall
City Council Liaison: Elaine Hilber
*Denotes Chairperson of Board/Commission

Bartholomew County Convention, Recreation and Visitor Promotion Commission (V.I.P.)

NameTermExpiresAppointed By
Diane Mann2 Years12/31/22County
Julie Del Genio2 Years12/31/22County
Sarla Kalsi2 Years12/31/22Mayor
Mary Ann Patterson2 Years12/31/21County
Denise Pence2 Years12/31/22County
Shirley Robertson2 Years12/31/22County
Nick Sprague2 Years12/31/22Mayor
Jessica Stevens2 Years12/31/22Mayor
Open2 Years12/31/23Mayor
Patrick Andrews2 Years12/31/23Mayor
Sandy Allman2 Years12/31/23Mayor
Meet: As Needed
*Denotes Chairperson

City of Columbus Parking Commission

NameTermExpiresAppointed By
David HaywardOngoingNADesignated
Tori HickmanOngoingNADesignated
Shanda SasseAnnual12/31/2022CRC
Jeff Baker2 Year12/31/2023Mayor
Tom DellAnnual12/31/2022City Council
Catie Rix3 Year12/31/2024City Council
Kevina Schumaker1 year12/31/2022Mayor
Jason HattonOngoingNAVisitors Center
Meet: As Needed
*Denotes Chairperson