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Alcoholic Beverage Commission

NameTermExpiresAppointed By
Phyllis Apple (R)1 Year12/31/17County Council
Eric Hayes (D)1 Year12/31/18Mayor
David Mann (R)*1 Year12/31/17County Commissioners

Animal Care Commission

NameTermExpiresAppointed By
Doug Evans*4 Years12/31/17Mayor
Major Todd HarryN/APolice Dept. Ex-Officio
Colleen Herrick4 Years12/31/21Mayor
Dr. Brock Wagner, DVMN/A
Joellen Watanabe4 Years12/31/19Mayor

City Plan Commission

NameTermExpiresAppointed By
Julie Abedian (D)1 YearAnnuallyParks Board
Dennis Baute (D)*4 Years12/31/21Mayor
Frank Jerome (R)AnnualN/ACity Council
Zack Ellison4 Years12/31/20County Commissioners
Rodney Finke4 Years12/31/18County Commissioners
Dave Fisher (R)4 Years12/31/18Mayor
Dave HaywardPermanentIndiana Law Statute
Barry Kastner4 Years12/31/20Mayor
Roger Lang (R)4 Years12/31/19Mayor
Russ Poling4 Years12/31/18Mayor
Brenda Sullivan4 Years12/31/18Board of Works

Human Rights Commission

NameTermExpiresAppointed By
Wan Baba3 Years3/31/20City Council
Annette Barnes3 Years3/31/19City Council
Trena Carter3 Years3/31/20City Council
Richard Gold3 Years3/31/19City Council
Ian Kohen *3 Years3/31/19City Council
Gregory S. Lewis3 Years3/31/18City Council
Anthony McClendon3 Years3/31/18City Council
Gil Palmer3 Years3/31/20City Council
Joy King3 Years3/31/20City Council
Matt Souza3 Years3/31/19City Council
John Stroh3 Years3/31/18City Council

Joint District Plan Commission

NameTermExpiresAppointed By
Dave Fisher4 Years12/31/19Mayor

Redevelopment Commission

NameTermExpiresAppointed By 
Robert Abrams2 Years12/31/18BCSC
Sarah Cannon*1 Year12/31/18MayorPresident
John Dorenbusch1 Year12/31/18City CouncilVice-President
George Dutro1 Year12/31/18Mayor
Al Roszczyk1 Year12/31/18Council
Don Trapp1 Year12/31/18CouncilSecretary

Visitors Information and Promotion

NameTermExpiresAppointed By
Frank Griffin2 Years12/31/19Mayor
Ann Heimann2 Years12/31/18County
Robin Hilber*2 Years12/31/18County
Sarla Kalsi2 Years12/31/18Mayor
Mary Ann Patterson2 Years12/31/16County
Denise Pence2 Years12/31/18County
Shirley Robertson2 Years12/31/18County
Nick Sprague2 Years12/31/19Mayor
Jessica Stevens2 Years12/31/18Mayor
Josh Burnett2 Years12/31/19Mayor
Patrick Andrews2 Years12/31/19Mayor