Aviation Board

NameTermExpiresAppointed By
Brad Davis 4 Years12/31/22Mayor
Lisa Prentiss4 Years12/31/25Mayor
Mark Pillar 4 Years12/31/23Mayor
Alfred Tucker4 Years12/31/24Mayor
Doug Van Klompenburg 4 Years12/31/23Mayor
The Board of Aviation Commission (BOAC) is a five member board charged with the management and oversight of the Columbus Municipal Airport. The BOAC is tasked with providing a safe, hospitable, self-sustaining general aviation airport which complements the character of its community while meeting the needs of the aviation community, local citizens, businesses and visitors. The BOAC pursues environmentally compatible projects which will provide for economic growth and potential long-term development of the airport and the surrounding community while delivering commercial and general aviation services to the flying public.

Meet: 2nd Tuesday, 4:00 PM, Wendall Ross Conference Room at Columbus Airport

City Council Liaison: David Bush
Attorney - Mary E. Stroh

Board of Commissioners of the Columbus Housing Authority

NameTermExpiresAppointed By:
Carrie Kruse4 years12/31/25Mayor
Eric Frey4 years12/31/23Mayor
Amy Kaiser4 years12/31/23Mayor
Avril Schutte4 years12/31/25Mayor
Open (Resident Commissioner)4 years12/31/24Mayor
Graziella Bush4 years12/31/24Mayor
Michael Schoumacher4 years12/31/23Mayor
The Board of Commissioners for the Columbus Housing Authority is appointed in accordance with state housing law in Indiana by the Mayor of the City. They serve in capacity as the governing officers of a public-corporate entity of low-income housing programs. Their role includes providing leadership and advocacy, establishing policies, directing how the Authority does business and ensuring the CHA is successful in its mission. The CHA has a seven member board, including one tenant representative.

Meets on the 3rd Thursday of every month at 3:30 p.m. at Pence Place

City Council Liaison: Jerone Wood

Board of Public Works and Safety

NameTermExpiresAppointed By
Jim Lienhoop 4 Years12/31/23Mayor
Mary K. Ferdon4 Years12/31/23Mayor
John Pickett4 Years12/31/23Mayor
Jim Strietelmeier4 Years12/31/23Mayor
Brenda Sullivan4 Years12/31/23Mayor
Attorney - Alan Whitted

Meet: Every Tuesday, 10:00 a.m. City Hall Council Chambers

Board of Zoning Appeals

NameTermExpiresAppointed By
Zack Ellison2 Years12/31/22Plan Commission
Michael Kinder4 Years12/31/25Mayor
Open4 Years12/31/25Mayor
Chuck Doup4 Years12/31/22City Council
Hanna Omar4 Years12/31/22Mayor
Evan Kleinhenz (alternate)2 Years12/31/22Plan Commission
Open (alternate)4 Years12/31/24Mayor
Mark Schneider (alternate)4 Years12/31/22Mayor
Sondra Bolte (alternate)4 years12/31/22City Council
Attorney - Alex Whitted

Meet: 4th Tuesday, 6:30 p.m., City Hall Council Chamber
City Council Liaison: Tom Dell

Columbus Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO)

NameTermExpiresAppointed By
Dennis Baute*N/AN/ACity Plan Commission
OpenN/AN/ACounty Commissioner
William LentzN/AN/ACounty Council
Jim LienhoopN/AN/AMayor
Lisa MooreN/AN/ACounty Plan Commission
Tony McClellan N/AN/AINDOT - Seymour Dist.
Alexandria BurnsN/AN/AFTA -Chicago Office
Grace KestlerN/AN/ACity Council
Attorney - Alex Whitted
City Council Liaison: Grace Kestler

Columbus Common Council

NameTermExpiresAppointed By
David Bush 4 Years12/31/23Elected
Jerone Wood 4 Years12/31/23Elected
Tom Dell 4 Years12/31/23Elected
Grace Kestler 4 Years12/31/23Elected
Frank Miller 4 Years12/31/23Elected
Tim Shuffett 4 Years12/31/23Elected
Elaine Hilber *4 Years12/31/23Elected
Attorney - Alan Whitted

Meet: 1st and 3rd Tuesday, 6:00 p.m. in City Hall Council Chambers
*President Pro Tem

Fire Department Pension Board

NameTermExpiresAppointed By
Jarrad Mullis4 Years2/10/25Elected
Jeff Otte4 Years2/10/24Elected
Andy LayN/AEx-Officio
Cory Hampton2 Years2/10/23Elected
Eric Robertson2 Years2/10/23Elected
Ben Spencer4 Years2/10/22Elected
Attorney - Alan Whitted
Meet: As Needed
City Council Liaison: Tim Shuffett
*Denotes Chairperson of Board/ Commission

Otter Creek Golf Course Advisory Board

NameTermExpiresAppointed By
Rich Gold1 Year12/31/22Mayor
Tom Harmon1 Year12/31/22Mayor
John McCormick*1 Year12/31/22Mayor
Dave McKinney1 Year12/31/22Mayor
Karen Niverson1 Year12/31/22Mayor
Attorney: Mike DeArmitt
Meet: Quarterly
*Denotes Chairperson of Board/Commission

Parks and Recreation Board

NameTermExpiresAppointed By   
Josh Burnett4 Years12/31/22Mayor
Mark Levett*4 Years12/31/23Mayor
Millie Maier4 Years12/31/24Mayor
Julie Abedian4 Years12/31/25Mayor
Attorney - Michael P. DeArmitt
Meet: 2nd Thursday, 4:00 p.m. at City Council Chambers
City Council Liaison: Grace Kestler
*Denotes Chairperson of Board/Commission

Police Department Pension Board

NameTermExpiresAppointed By
Jim Lienhoop*4 Years12/31/23Ex-Officio
Oakel Hardy3 Years2/1/22Elected
Oscar Olmeda3 Years2/1/23Elected
Kelly Holley3 Years2/1/24Elected
Drake Maddix3 Years2/1/24Elected
Mike Richardson4 Years12/31/23Ex-Officio
Greg Ross3 Years2/1/22Elected
Jennifer VanVactor3 Years2/1/23Elected
Luann Welmer4 Years12/31/23Ex-Officio
Meet: 1st Monday of Each Month
City Council Liaison: Jerone Wood
*Denotes Chairperson of Board/Commission

Substance Abuse Public Funding Board

NameTermExpiresAppointed By
Jim Lienhoop4 Years12/31/22Mayor
Frank Miller4 Years12/31/25City Council
Carl Lienhoop4 Years12/31/23County Commissioners
Mark Gorbett4 Years12/31/21County Council
Jim Bickelno termN/ACRH Board of Trustees

SWMD (County)

NameTermExpiresAppointed By
Open4 Years12/31/24Liaison
Larry Kleinhenz4 Years12/31/24Liaison
Carl Lienhoop4 Years12/31/22Liaison
Jim Lienhoop4 Years12/31/23Ex-Officio
Frank Miller*4 Years12/31/23City Council
Scott Bonnell4 Years12/31/22County Council
Steve Rucker2 Years12/31/21Co. Commissioners
Meet: 4th Thursday, 9:00 a.m. in County Council Chambers
City Council Liaison: Frank Miller

Commons Board

NameTermExpiresAppointed By
Kevin Earnest4 Years12/31/25Appointed By Mayor BOW Approval
Erin Hawkins4 Years12/31/25City Council
Mary Harmon4 Years12/31/25Appointed By Mayor BOW Approval
Kevina SchumakerN/APermanentISMF
Tracy Souza*4 Years12/31/23Appointed By Mayor BOW Approval
Sherry Stark N/APermanentISMF
Grace Kestler4 Years12/31/23City Council
Meets Quarterly; 11:30 a.m. Wednesdays
City Council Liaison: Grace Kestler
*Denotes President

Utility Board

NameTermExpiresAppointed By 
Patrick Andrews 4 Years12/31/25Mayor
Clayton Force *4 Years12/31/25City CouncilChairman
Cheryl McAvoy 4 Years12/31/22MayorSecretary
Barry W. Turner 4 Years12/31/22City CouncilVice Chairman
David Spear 4 Years12/31/23Mayor
Attorney: Stan Gamso
City Council Liaison: Tim Shuffett
Meet: 3rd Thursday, 11:30 a.m. at Utility Office