Envision Columbus is a project of The Heritage Fund, the Community Foundation of Bartholomew County.  Completed in late 2018, it provides a flexible framework to guide the next evolution of downtown Columbus and the surrounding neighborhoods.

The plan is an update to the 2005 Downtown Strategic Development Plan, and establishes priorities that will define the downtown area for years to come. Envision Columbus is intended to positively influence the way residents and visitors alike work, live, shop, and play downtown. It also positions the downtown to play a significant role within the greater community.  The intended result is a downtown that reflects the community’s best attributes and highest ambitions – a downtown that is economically strong, inviting, dynamic, sustainable, attractive, and an appropriate center for a community that is dedicated to excellence and a high quality of life.

The completed plan can be found here:
Envision Columbus Downtown Strategic Development Plan

Additional information about the planning process can be viewed at EnvisionColumbus.org.