On Wednesday, March 11, 2020, BCSC Superintendent, Jim Roberts issued a statement regarding the photoshopped images involving students enrolled at BCSC. There is no place in the City of Columbus, our school system, or society at large, for hateful racist ideology.

While we can all agree that this incident is upsetting, it is incumbent upon all of us to take steps towards building bridges throughout the community, as neighbors, co-workers, and parents to foster a more welcoming community.

Our City welcomes everyone and is proud to be home to persons of all faiths, races, ancestry, and backgrounds, some from different nations, who bring with them a rich culture and diversity that benefits us all. These contributions have not only enriched our community, but have allowed our community to flourish economically, enabling us to continue to bring in a dynamic workforce to support local, regional, national, and international companies. Columbus celebrates this diversity, and this is what makes it the “Unexpected and Unforgettable” community we are proud to call home.

Together, we can all play a role in modeling the ideals of this community which do not include hate speech or hateful actions. We understand that there are times where we may not feel welcome; and if you feel that you have ever been a victim of hate, discrimination, or if you happen to see something, we’d like to know. The Human Rights Commission has an online reporting site called Report Hate, where you can contact for help.