Redevelopment Commissioners

The Redevelopment Commission is comprised of five (5) voting members and one non-voting member.  The Mayor of the Columbus appoints three (3) voting commissioners; the Columbus City Council appoints two (2) voting commissioners; and the Bartholomew County School Corporation appoints one (1) non-voting member.  All voting commissioners serve a one-year term, the non-voting member serves a two-year term and all commissioners are eligible for annual re-appointment.  The Commission annually elects a President, Vice President and Secretary.  All powers and duties of the Columbus Redevelopment Commission are exercised under Indiana Code 36-7-14.5.

NameTermExpiresAppointed By 
Jeff Caldwell2 Years12/31/20BCSC
Sarah Cannon1 Year12/31/20Mayor
Kyle Hendricks1 Year12/31/20Mayor
Al Roszczyk1 Year12/31/20Council
Don Trapp1 Year12/31/20Council
Kenny Whipker1 Year12/31/20Mayor
Attorney: Stan Gamso
Meets: 3rd Monday of every month at 4:00 p.m. at City Hall


2020 Officers                       

Sarah Cannon – President
Al Roszczyk – Vice President
Don Trapp – Secretary

Voting Commissioners

Sarah Cannon
Kyle Hendricks
Al Roszczyk
Don Trapp
Kenny Whipker

Non-Voting Commissioner

Jeff Caldwell

City Council Liaison to Redevelopment – 2020

Elaine Hilber

The primary objective of the Columbus Redevelopment Commission is to promote and encourage economic development within the City of Columbus.  The Director and staff of the Redevelopment Department support and facilitate the work of the Commissioners.

Projects of the Redevelopment Commissioners are funded from Tax Incremental Financing (TIF).

Learn more about TIF and the funding mechanism