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The City of Columbus Redevelopment Department supports and facilitates the work of the Redevelopment Commission.  The Department is responsible for executing multiple economic projects to benefit the public good, employment, housing, local economics or property remediation.

The Redevelopment Department is comprised of a full-time Director, a part-time Project Coordinator and a part-time Administrative Assistant. The Director oversees the budgeting for all Redevelopment projects.  Budgetary funding is provided from Tax Increment Financing (TIF). TIF is a mechanism that diverts property taxes from specially designated Allocation Areas.  The City of Columbus currently has four (4) TIF districts.

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Redevelopment Commission

Mission: The mission of the Redevelopment Commission is to (1) promote and encourage business growth and expansion, (2) to investigate, study and determine which areas of the City need redevelopment, (3) and to appropriate land use and improvements within the City of Columbus.

The Commission facilitates discussions on economic development issues that include both new businesses and residential units; they provide land use and development information to locally elected and appointed officials; and the Commission provides public input on land use, development and other economic development issues.

Membership: The Commission is comprised of five (5) appointed voting members, one (1) non-voting member and one (1) non-voting liaison.   The Commission meets in regular session – open to the public, once a month.

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