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Redevelopment is more than construction or renovation; it empowers the community to have a hand in improving quality of life and the surrounding environment as a result of sound planning practices.

The City of Columbus Indiana Redevelopment Department plays a key role in the enhancement of the quality of life of the City of Columbus and Bartholomew County.  Commission staff work with the Mayor, City Council and members of the Redevelopment Commission to ensure that the City of Columbus develops projects that include: benefiting the overall community; retaining and creating good-paying jobs; supporting local businesses; providing quality housing options; redeveloping properties; and reinforcing our community’s commitment to innovative design and responsible development.

The Redevelopment Department’s staff include a Director, a Project Coordinator and an Administrative Assistant. The Director works in conjunction with diverse community interests and potential developers on all Redevelopment projects.  A variety of economic development options are utilized to make Columbus competitive for future job growth and development, including Tax Increment Financing (TIF). This innovative economic development tool provides the Commission staff and locally-elected leadership the option of providing financing to support future growth and development.

Redevelopment Commission Mission Statement:

We are committed to being consistent, accessible and transparent in all of our actions and decisions to improve our community.  We believe in balanced growth and revitalization.  This is achieved through creative public and private engagement that seeks to promote and encourage business growth, expand economic and employment opportunities, and improve our quality of life.  The Redevelopment Commission administers and funds projects after extensive public review and approval.

Redevelopment Commission Membership

The Columbus Redevelopment Commission is composed of five (5) voting members with three (3) appointed by the Mayor and two (2) by the City Council. In addition, membership includes one (1) non-voting member of the school corporation and one (1) non-voting liaison from the City Council.   All of the members are local residents. The Commission meets in regular session – open to the public, once a month.  Records of the Commission’s meetings and agenda are maintained online and posted to this website

Supporting Local Businesses

We believe that supporting our local businesses is important to the future of our community.  That’s why we are highlighting various businesses and programs designed to make a difference during these changing times.  Please take a few moments to view the video above that highlights Lucabe Coffee, Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporations, Luciana’s Mexican Restaurant and Cantina and Dell Brothers.

If you would like to have your business highlighted on our Facebook page in the future, please contact Mikala Brown at  Thank you for making a difference in our Columbus community!

Project Highlights – 1821 Trail

The Bicentennial Commission and City of Columbus announce the seminal project for the Columbus Area Bicentennial will be the “1821” Trail extension along First Street. This trail extension will connect the existing Haw Creek Trail, which ends at Lafayette Street southeast of the Bartholomew County Jail, to Water Street so that the only missing link will be the further connection from Water Street to Mill Race Park which will be completed as a part of the Riverfront Project and close the loop.

This trail extension will also include architectural and art elements to encompass the 2021 Bicentennial theme of “Common Ground.” Architectural and art elements will be added along the trail which will run on the north side of First Street behind the IU School of Art, Architecture and Design, City Hall, and the Bartholomew County Jail and encompass the 2021 Bicentennial theme of “Common Ground.”  This historical perspective of Columbus will be included on each historic marker which will be double sided and allow those on the trail to read about key events in the city in chronological order no matter which direction they are traveling.

The 1821 Trail will also be a key addition to the Columbus Park Foundation trail system and will connect our 26 miles of trail which extends throughout the city.

The 1821 Trail aims to satisfy community needs and meet key goals:

  1. Expanding our Trail Network
  2. Celebrating our Past
  3. Combine Resources

1821 Bicentennial Trail Brick Campaign!

The City of Columbus is excited to announce the 1821 Bicentennial Trail Brick Campaign.

This is an excellent opportunity for individuals, families, businesses, and friends, to purchase bricks in commemoration of a specific event, in honor or in memory of someone important in their lives, or to celebrate time living in Columbus.

Bricks will be placed along this important trail connection which will continue to promote the walkability of our city.  Funding will be provided by the Columbus Redevelopment Commission, Columbus Park Foundation, and private donors.  Groundbreaking for the trail is expected sometime in December with construction to be completed in the summer of 2022.  Bricks along the trail make wonderful gifts for your loved ones who will be remembered for years to come by those who walk or bike the trail.

For more information and to order a brick, go to

Read more about the 1821 Trail on the project homepage.