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Newest Updates:

February 26, 2018


The community is invited to celebrate the Revitalization of STATE STREET by preserving names or thoughts through message on an “ENGRAVED BRICK.”  Commemorate a loved one or a special occasion!  Engraving includes two lines, 14 characters per line (including spacing).  Participation is open to all individuals ($20), not-for-profits ($30), and businesses ($40).

Bricks will be installed in the newly created GREEENSPACE at State Street and Indiana Avenue.  Greenspace will feature a handsomely patterned and pedestrian friendly LANDSCAPED BRICK-WAY.

DEADLINE to order engraved bricks is Friday, April 13th, 2018.  Bricks will be engraved and ready for installation in May.

Adopt-A-Brick and celebrate neighborhood revitalization, east side industrial arts heritage and community!

To print Adopt-A-Brick form or see greater detail about the Green Space, simply click on the images below.

Adopt a Brick


Green Space at Indiana Avenue & State Street


A memorial celebrating the life of Army SGT JONATHON MICHAEL HUNTER, an east side Columbus resident, will be located in the new green space at State and Indiana.  The date of installation is yet to be determined.  SGT Hunter gave his life for our country on August 2, 2017 while serving in Afghanistan.

February 21, 2018

TIMELINE   –  State Street – 2018

January:       Fabricating of new Decorative Panels

February:     Demolition completed – Rabbit’s building

March:          Decorative Panel ‘Support Posts’ installed

April:             Decorative Panels installed (8 locations)

        April:            Engraved & Decorative Bricks installed (“greenspace” at State St & Indiana Ave)

May:               Landscaping Completed – all areas

May:               Crosswalks Installed

* Decorative C’s Crosswalks installed

* Piano Key Crosswalks installed

May 31st:       Completion Date (Phase 2a)

TBD:                State Street Ribbon Cutting!! 


Update:  February 21, 2018

New!!  Decorative Panels for Peoples Trail along State Street

In early January 2018 fabricating began in earnest on the newly designed Decorative Panels that will be installed along the State Street Peoples Trail.  The design of the panels compliments the Neighborhood Branding initiative that the Columbus Area Visitors’ Center is implementing across the City.  The State Street project, wishing to celebrate the industrial heritage of the east side of Columbus, designed the decorative panels with gear-like, cutouts of flying C’s.

Powder coating in red, yellow, green and blue will visually connect State Street to other neighborhoods and areas in Columbus.

A mock-up of two of the decorative panels can be seen in the pictures below.  Panels will be arranged in staggered groupings of two (2) and (3) each, and installed in eight (8) different locations along State Street’s north side.

Panel Mock-ups

Red, Blue, Yellow and Green powder coated panels will be grouped in eight (8) locations along the People Trail on State Street.  See the picture below!




Looking towards downtown Columbus.  Decorative panels line the Peoples Trail, new pedestrian lights provide both illumination and safety at night, and residents, visitors, shoppers, walkers, runners and cyclists all enjoy the newly landscaped and improved EAST SIDE of Columbus.

 Locations for Decorative Panel placement along State Street

  1. McKinley & State
  2. Pence Calla & State – NW corner
  3. Scooters
  4. Advance Auto Parts 
  5. Applied Technologies
  6. Salon 1750
  7. Indiana & Oak – (near Tyree’s)
  8. Indiana & Oak – at new GREENSPACE – site of old Jack Rabbit’s building stood

Project History

Follow the project HISTORY of the State Street Corridor Project below. History is arranged in chronological order, beginning below with September 2017.

UPDATE:  September 1, 2017

Now that all the finishing touches have been installed on the State Street Bridge (see pictures above) and Gateway Nodes are landscaped, Columbus residents, workers and visitors are enjoying the bridge’s elegant design features, pedestrian walkways and safe, updated passage to and from home and work.

The north side of State Street was first to start receiving a much needed – and much anticipated – FACELIFT.

Starting at the beautiful, newly designed bridge and all its architectural elements, and continuing all the way to Mapleton Street, the North side of State Street is boasting its first connection to the Columbus Trail System.  New 8-10 foot wide concrete sidewalks, new gutters and curbs, multiple new concrete driveways at business entrances are making sidewalks multi-purpose and accessible to all.   And there’s more yet to come.

New landscape and hardscape improvements on the north side of State Street are scheduled for October and November 2017.   Elements include:

  • Engraved brick installations
  • More than 300 feet of designed sculptural wave elements
  • New street lights
  • Improved overhead and bollard lighting, and, perhaps most exciting,
  • Unique green-spaces, trees, benches and gathering spaces!  Check this page monthly for updates!

September 4, 2017:

AFTER LABOR DAY State Street residents, workers and travelers will notice land restrictions moving to the south side of State Street.

Throughout September and continuing on into the fall, State Street will receive nearly a FULL MILE of improvements (when considering BOTH DIRECTIONS!)

The south side of State Street – from Mapleton moving westward toward the bridge – is next to receive a new face lift.

  • All new gutters and curbs will be installed.
  • Businesses and property owners will have new concrete driveways.
  • 6-foot wide concrete sidewalks will add safety and enhance curb appeal.
  • New street lights will be installed on some busy corners.
  • Fire hydrants will be reset.
  • Stop signs and street signs will be straightened and reset.

Construction will continue on the South side through September, October and November.   As progress continues,  photos will be uploaded so check back monthly for updates.

Right of Way Purchases:

The City of Columbus has purchased strips of Right-of-Way from various property owners along the South side of State Street.  This has allowed the sidewalk and driveway improvements to move along seamlessly.

Thank you to the property owners and others for your patience as improvements continue.

By the end of 2017, State Street will boast a beautiful, architecturally significant bridge portal to the east side of Columbus, and the east side of Columbus will be a shining representation  of safe streets, pedestrian and bicycle friendly pathways, greenspaces for families and visitors, economic opportunity and – simply put – Columbus at its best!

UPDATE:  October 31, 2017

A number of great new updates have been added to the State Street Corridor Project in the past 2 months.  Following are some highlights:

  • Check out the newly completed TRAIL CONNECTION from the Gateway Node to the Peoples Trail. This new connection provides a safe and continuous passage for cyclists and pedestrians – under the State Street Bridge – from the north side of State Street to the south side of State Street.   Cyclists and pedestrians no longer need to wait for traffic signals to change at the busy 5-way intersection to the State Street Bridge at 2nd and Central.  Enjoy the newest TRAIL CONNECTION!
  • Beautiful, new, PEDESTRIAN SCALE LIGHTING fixtures now highlight the NORTH SIDE of State Street.  The 8-10 foot wide, multi-use pedestrian and cyclist trail now supports well lit evening strolls, enhanced nighttime safety and additional beauty to the State Street Corridor.   All north side street lights will be lit once the final lamp post is installed.  Watch for these new evening lights during the first weeks of November.
  • New SIDEWALKS, GUTTERS and CURBS are rapidly taking shape on the south side of State Street.  New DRIVEWAYS, safer thresholds to businesses, relocated fire hydrants, stop signs and well-lit major intersections provide ADA compliant pedestrian travel along the East side business corridor.




UPDATE:  November 9, 2017

Another new architectural element – Panel Designs – are proposed for the north side of State Street. These panels will replace the original wave-sculpture design which has been discontinued.   The concept below gives a nice view of the panel elements, as well as a nice redering of the Pedestrian lights along the State Street Trail.

Using primary colors and giving a “nod” to the industrial heritage of east Columbus – the new PANEL design brightens the sidewalk area, provides separation between pedestrian areas and business parking lots, and creates another sturdy yet whimsical architectural element to State Street!