The City of Columbus Redevelopment Commission is excited to announce a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the newly constructed and completed State Street Bridge and Corridor Project on Tuesday, June 5, 2018 at 4:00 pm at the Gateway Node on the north side of the bridge. The public is invited to attend.

Mayor Jim Lienhoop and Columbus Redevelopment Commission President (CRC), Sarah Cannon will be on hand to offer a few remarks regarding the State Street Corridor Project and to assist in the ribbon-cutting. The CRC funded the project.

State Street now boasts a beautiful, architecturally significant bridge portal to the east side of Columbus, and the east side of Columbus is a shining representation of safe streets, pedestrian and bicycle friendly pathways, green spaces for families and visitors, economic opportunity and – simply put – Columbus at its best.

Starting at the bridge and continuing all the way to Mapleton Street, the north side of State Street is boasting its first connection to the Columbus People Trail System.  New 8-10 foot wide concrete sidewalks, new gutters and curbs, multiple new concrete driveways at business entrances are making sidewalks multi-purpose and accessible to all.

New landscape and hardscape improvements on the north side of State Street include engraved brick installations, 52 designed panels, new street lights, improved overhead and bollard lighting, and unique green-spaces, trees, benches and gathering spaces.

Using primary colors and giving a “nod” to the industrial heritage of east Columbus, the panels brighten the sidewalk area, provide separation between pedestrian areas and business parking lots, and create another sturdy yet whimsical architectural element to State Street.

The south side of State Street received new driveways, safer thresholds to businesses, relocated fire hydrants, stop signs and well-lit major intersections provide ADA compliant pedestrian travel along the East side business corridor.

A newly completed Trail Connection from the Gateway Node to the People Trail provides a safe and continuous passage for cyclists and pedestrians – under the State Street Bridge – from the north side of State Street to the south side of State Street.   Cyclists and pedestrians no longer need to wait for traffic signals to change at the busy 5-way intersection to the State Street Bridge at 2nd and Central.

The two green spaces have been designed at State Street and Stadler Dr. and Indiana Ave.  These greenspaces feature a handsomely patterned and pedestrian friendly landscaped brick way, crushed pavement, and puzzle benches.  The Indiana Avenue green space will be dedicated to the memorial life of Sgt. Jonathon Michael Hunter at a later date.

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