The Human Rights Commission is accepting nominations from the public for the William R. Laws Human Rights Award. The recipient will be a member, a group of members from the community, or a community organization who have made a substantial contribution to the community of Columbus in any area(s) of human equality. The most recent award was presented to Sherry Stark. Other Laws Award recipients include Larry Perkinson, Dr. Marwan Wafa, Ala’a Wafa, Gil Palmer, Lorraine Smith, Arlette Cooper Tinsley, Tom Harmon, Owen Hungerford, Bob Pitman, Tracy Souza, the Heritage Fund’s Community Foundation of Bartholomew County, Tim Solso and Joe Loughrey, Sondra Bolte, Benjamin “Mickey” King, and J. Irwin Miller.

The nominees for the Award should have made a significant contribution by doing one or more of the following: (1) improving relationships among all people; (2) increasing the sensitivity of one group toward another group; (3) educating people about the barriers or eliminating the barriers facing people of color, women, persons with disabilities, religious minorities, or others who have been treated unequally because of prejudice; or (4) using existing means or creating new safeguards to protect the rights of others.

The Laws Award recipient will receive the award at the Human Rights Commission’s 2019 Annual Dinner. Information related to the Annual Dinner is forthcoming.

Nominations for the Laws Award should be submitted to the Human Rights Commission office in City Hall by Friday, March 29, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. The Commission will accept nominations via mail, personal delivery, or e-mail. For your convenience, a form is available at our office and on our website.