Captions or subtitles are a crucial part of video elements – especially those with voiceovers or interviews. Facebook and YouTube will automatically create captions for videos, but those can also be edited for clarity.

Captions on Facebook

When you upload a video to Facebook, under the Optimize tab, you’ll see it process the captions. Once they’re processed, you can go in and make any edits that need to be made. If the speaker is clear and concise, the auto-captions may get everything correct.

Captions on YouTube

Like with Facebook, YouTube will automatically create captions unless you turn it off. Once the video is uploaded and processed, you can see the auto-generated captions in the YouTube Studio. Click on Details on the video you want to look at, and click the Subtitles box.

YouTube Subtitles

Once you’re in the subtitles editor, you can edit the text and timings on the auto-generated text.

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