All Images Should Include Descriptive Text

Image Alt Text Guidelines

  • Be brief – limit to 125 characters
  • Include any quotes/text on the image in the ALT text
  • Avoid the use of “Picture Of”
  • Check spelling
  • Avoid abbreviations

How to add Alt Text

When adding an image to the Media Library, you have the option of adding Alt Text. This only needs to be done once – if you use the image again, the alt text will already be there.

Alt text box highlight in media


Here’s a quick video about how to add alt text.

Text on Images

  • In general, do not use text on images
  • Use Buttons for Call-to-Action, to Highlight Links to Information

What not to do

Incorrect button presentation

These “buttons” are actually images, and therefore are not readable by site-readers.

What to do instead

Buttons with icons

These buttons are created with icons and text – meaning they can be read by a site-reader.