Understanding the Dashboard

When you log in, you’ll see the Dashboard. This is considered the “back-end” of the website, or the side that the public cannot access. The public-facing side is called the “front-end.”

Wordpress Dashboard

The left sidebar on the Dashboard is where you’ll find everything you need to edit the website.


If your site utilizes news items, this is where they will be.


The Media Library is where all uploaded images and PDFs live. You will upload your images through the Media Library.


This is where 99% of your web content lives. If it’s not a post, it’s a page, and it lives here. There is also a handy search function that lets you easily find the page your looking for.


If your site uses tables, this is where they are. This is an easy-to-use plugin that formats tables beautifully, and works similarly to Excel.

Notification Bars

If your site has the Notification Bars plugin, this is where you’ll go to edit or create those.