Upon Board of Public Works and Safety approval, the Event Organizer will be notified via email.

If the event type requires a security deposit or any fees, an invoice will be included. The Event Organizer will have 15 days to pay the deposit and/or fees and provide any other documentation required by the policy, the Columbus Events Review Committee or Board of Public Works.

Fees may be paid online or at the Clerk Treasurer’s Office at City Hall. Receipts and documents should be submitted to specialevents@columbus.in.gov or to the Engineering Department at City Hall.

30 days prior to your event, the following documents will be required (if applicable):

  • Vendor List
  • Site Plan
  • Emergency Operations Center 
  • Course Map
  • Event Running List

Email the above documents to specialevents@columbus.in.gov.

Mill Race Park Events

Upon Parks and Recreation Board approval, the Event Organizer will be contacted to pay the remainder of the deposit. At this time, additional information will be provided regarding the event requirements. Please contact your Parks & Recreation representative with questions.