State Street Phase 2B – June 2020 Update

The State Street Phase IIB project continues to progress with the good weather we have had in June. The right turn lane from Central Ave onto Third Street to California continues to be restricted to allow for work on the sidewalk on the northwest side of 3rd St.  California Street is now closed from 3rd St to 5th St to allow for upgrades to the street and sidewalks.  Plans are to open California St before the start of school in August.

State Street Phase 2B Underway

The State Street Phase IIB project will be ramping up again starting Monday, June 1. The right turn lane from Central Ave to Third Street will be restricted starting on June 1 to allow for the traffic switch to occur. The right lane of Third Street will be closed starting on June 1. The west bound right lane of Second Street will be restricted to allow room for the traffic switch. At this time, California Street will remain open. We will post an update next week regarding the closure of California Street.

Phase 2B will encompass developing the north side of  3rd Street from Central Avenue to California Street, and then going north on California Street to 5th Street in a continuing effort to connect the east side of Columbus to the downtown.  A 10-foot-wide multi-use trail will be added at the back of the 3rd Street curb, in addition to pedestrian lighting, a 2-foot-wide brick shy zone-similar to what is already on State Street-and a brick gateway node at 3rd Street and California Street.  The project is scheduled to begin again in May, 2020 in the area of the 2nd and 3rd St intersection and moving west toward California St.  Current plans are to close California St between 3rd and 5th Street in the months of June and July once schools have closed for summer break.  Work should be completed by August when school resumes.

The City has already completed Phase 1 of the State Street project, completing renovation of the State Street bridge in 2017.  The State Street Trail Connection Project has had a tremendous impact on the east side corridor.  The new bridge and landscaping are an inviting welcome to the area for residents and visitors to our community alike.  Phase 2A of the project, a trail extension down State Street from McKinley Avenue to Indiana Avenue with an 8-foot-wide multi-use trail, was completed last year.  From McKinley Avenue to Mapleton Avenue, dancing “C” panels were added representing the area’s industrial heritage.  See more about Phase 1 and 2A under Redevelopment Past Projects.

United Consulting presented the plan, project schedule, and projected costs at the 11/19/2018 Columbus Redevelopment Commission meeting and requested funding at the 12/17/2018 meeting, which was approved.   City Council approved funding at the 1/15/2019 meeting and it went to Board of Works on 1/22/2019.  Bids were opened at the 2/19 BOW meeting. The project is projected to begin late spring and continue through the summer to avoid disrupting school traffic as much as possible. Plans are to close California during construction. Total project cost is $1,745,000. A coordination meeting occurred on 1/23 between Duke, St. Peter’s, and the City regarding the electric line burial.