Human Resources General

What documents do I need to turn in?

Healthcare acknowledgment (whether you elect or decline) Are you taking employee plus spouse or family coverage? We will need the spousal authorization form if you are insuring your spouse Are you new to HSA? We will need the First Financial application form, a copy of your driver’s license, and the HSA deduction authorization. Not new [...]

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How can I apply for a job with the City of Columbus?

How can I apply for a job with the City of Columbus? All of our current job openings are online at  The job descriptions are linked to the open position.  If you don't see the job you are looking for 1) there is not an opening at the moment 2) check back another day!

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What Are City Employee Benefits?

Employee benefits are for full-time employees only. Benefits include: Salary or Wages Healthcare Insurance PERF (Pension) Social Security (FICA and Medicaid) Overtime (Comp Time) Vacation Time Paid Holidays and Leaves Sick Days Unemployment Insurance Employee Assistance Wellness and Health Programs

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When Will Applications For Sworn Positions Within The Police And Fire Departments Be Taken?

The Police Department accepts applications year-round. Applications are picked-up and returned to the Personnel Department. The Fire Department accepts applications every two years. Typically this begins in January or February. Due to the lengthy applicant review process, each Department draws off the candidate list for one year, or until all qualified applicants have been contacted with [...]

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