Clerk Treasurer

To Whom Is The Office Of The Clerk/Treasurer’s Responsible?

The Clerk/Treasurer is responsible to the voters of Indiana. The Clerk/Treasurer is an elected official of the City of Columbus. As such, he operates independently of other elected officials. However, because of the fiduciary nature of the job, it is particularly important that the Clerk Treasurer's office comply with all federal, state and local statutes. [...]


How Can I Acquire Public Records From The City?

Some records are available for inspection at the Clerk/Treasurer's office in City Hall. If you need a record that requires some research on the part of the staff, then a written request that specifies what you want will expedite your request and some time may be required to access the record. There could be a [...]


Do I Contact The Clerk Treasurer’s Office For City Permits And Licenses?

It depends upon the type of license or permit. Zoning compliance certificates can be secured through the City Planning Offices at City Hall. The Office of Building and Zoning located in the Bartholomew county offices at Third and Franklin handles building permits. Taxicab licenses, itinerate merchant permits, and sexually oriented businesses can contact the Police [...]


What Is The Difference Between The County Clerk And The Clerk/Treasurer?

The Clerk Treasurer is an elected official of the city of Columbus who is responsible for official city records. The County Clerk is an elected official of Bartholomew County who is responsible for county-wide voting registration and elections procedures, all county court records, child support and alimony payments, and marriage licenses. The County Clerk's office [...]