Lid Swap Project – 96 Gallon Yard Waste Toters

At this time we will be resuming our 96 gallon yard waste toter lid swap project from last year. If you have a 96 gallon yard waste toter that has not had the lid swapped for an orange one, please place it to the curb on your regular trash day and our crews will swap it for you.

Please note: We are working to find a solution for 64 and 48 gallon toter lids and will create an update once a solution has been reached. We appreciate your patience during this change.

Lid Swap FAQ:

Why are you switching lid colors?

Changing the color of the yard waste toter lid to orange will simplify the toter system in the city and reduce the number of lid colors from four to three. Orange is a distinct and highly visible color from the rest of our lid colors. This will help both our crews and residents differentiate between the toters more effectively. Additionally, the compost site has seen a steep increase in trash contamination, which may be attributed to confusion between the older dark green yard waste toters and the black-lidded trash toters.

When will my old lid be swapped for an orange one?

We have a small crew of employees dedicated to this project that are working to get every lid swapped as fast as possible. If the crew did not get to your lid on your trash day, please keep setting it out with the rest of your toters each week until the crew can get to it. We will not come up to your residence to change the lid.

Do I need to swap my lid?

We appreciate your cooperation in this mandatory swap and kindly ask for your understanding and mindfulness regarding the reasoning behind it from a waste management perspective. This swap is necessary to simplify the lid colors while improving collection efficiency and accuracy across the entire city.

Toter Lid Colors:

  • Trash toters have a black lid.
  • Recycling toters have a green lid.
  • Yard waste toters have an orange lid.

Please dispose of your waste responsibly in the appropriate toters. Yard waste toters or recycling toters cannot be used as trash toters and will not be collected if contaminated with trash.