About Our Toters

The Department of Public Works offers three curbside toter collection services for residents within city limits: trash, recycling, and yard waste. Our toters are assigned by serial number to each property address. When you purchase a toter, you are purchasing a collection service. Therefore, all city toters (trash, recycle, yard waste) must stay with the home upon moving.

Department of Public Works accepts cash, check, or card online or over the phone for payment. Checks should be made out to “City of Columbus”. Once we receive payment, we will deliver the toter to your home.

Have questions? Call the Sanitation Department at (812) 376-2509.

Trash Toters

Trash toters are available in three sizes. Each household is allowed one (1) trash toter with no monthly charge. Once your service is initially purchased, no other fees will incur unless the resident requests to change the size of their toter or requests an additional trash toter. With the request of a size change, the resident will incur a one-time $30 fee on their utility bill. If you would like an additional trash toter, you will be charged a monthly trash fee of $5, $7, or $9, based on the size of the additional trash toter.

Available Sizes

  • 96 gallon (30″w x 42″h x 36″d) – $80
  • 64 gallon (23.5″w x 41″h x 31″d) – $70
  • 48 gallon (23″w x 31″h x 29″d) – $65

Recycling Toters

Recycling toters are available in three sizes. Residents can sign up for our recycling program online by using the button below.

Residents are currently allowed one recycling toter per household.

Available Sizes

  • 96 gallon (30″w x 42″h x 36″d) – Free of charge
  • 64 gallon (23.5″w x 41″h x 31″d)- $30 – one time change fee
  • 48 gallon (23″w x 31″h x 29″d) – $30 – one time change fee

The one time change fee for smaller recycling toters will be included on your Columbus City Utilities water/sewer bill.

Recycling toter with green lid

Yard Waste Toters

If you wish to participate in the City’s Yard Waste Program, you may sign up for the service by using the button below, or by calling us at (812) 376-2509. Newer City yard waste toters now come with an orange lid. Learn more about our yard waste program.

Available Size

  • 96 gallon (30″w x 42″h x 36″d) – $80
Yard waste toter with orange lid

Toter Placement

We have a strong commitment to public safety, public property as well as employee safety. With the use of automated packer trucks for refuse collection we are requesting your assistance in the placement of trash toters.

The toter arms need room to work. Please place your toters:

  • At the curb and three feet away from vehicles and mailboxes.
  • At least 2 feet away from each other for multiple toters.

Please do not block sidewalks with toters. Learn more about sidewalk accessibility.