Sidewalk Access for Everyone!

Accessibility Tips:
Please do not place your toters directly on the sidewalk. When sidewalks are blocked, persons who use assistive mobility devices can’t use the sidewalk. Here is how you can keep sidewalks accessible for everyone.

For sidewalks without a grassy median: When setting out your toters, please try to make sure that your toters sit as far back on the back edge of the sidewalk where your yard and sidewalk meet. That way, persons using mobility devices can use the sidewalks.

If you have a grassy median between the sidewalk and street: Place your toters on the grassy median so that the sidewalk is not blocked.

When setting out your brush, please follow the same placement as your toters.

The City of Columbus thanks you for making Columbus accessible!
For questions, please contact the City of Columbus Sanitation Department at (812) 376-2509.