Sanitation Pick Up Days

When will recycling be picked up?

About the Sanitation Department

The Sanitation Department operates from The Department of Public Works located at 2250 Kreutzer Drive, just off Gladstone Avenue. The Sanitation Department is dedicated to providing a clean, safe, and healthy environment for all residents and visitors of Columbus through our collection services.

Responsibilities of the Sanitation Department include:

  • Trash, recycling, yard waste, and brush collection for our city residents.
  • Special or bulky item pickups
  • Assembling, delivering, and repairing collection toters
  • Waste management at city events

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Learn more about the toters we offer for collection services.

Your Collection Calendar: Columbus Collects

Use the interactive calendar below to find out when, and what’s being collected on your trash day. Simply put in your address, and our award-winning Columbus Collects tool will create a customized collection calendar just for you. Not sure how to dispose of a specific item? You can use the Waste Wizard tool to search for items you are unsure what to do with. The tool will give you detailed instructions on how to properly dispose of it. Columbus Collects is also available as an App for your phone or tablet. Never forget your collection day again with customized reminders and a calendar right in your pocket.

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