CAMPO Policy Board

CAMPO is directed by its Policy Board, which includes representatives of the participating local governments within its planning area – the City of Columbus and Bartholomew County – as well as the Indiana Department of Transportation.  The Policy Board receives regular input from its two standing committees, the Technical Committee and the Citizens Advisory Committee.

The Policy Board adopts the CAMPO Operational Bylaws, which govern the operations of the Board and its advisory committees.

The Policy Board meets quarterly and otherwise as needed, and includes the following members:

City of Columbus Representatives

  • Mary Ferdon, Mayor
  • Tom Dell, City Council Member
  • Dennis Baute, Plan Commission Member (Policy Board Vice-Chairperson)

Bartholomew County Representatives

  • Tony London, County Commissioner
  • Bill Lentz, County Council Member
  • Tom Finke, Plan Commission Member (Policy Board Chairperson)

Partner Agency Representatives

Technical Committee

The Technical Committee is a working group of transportation specialists in the CAMPO planning area, including those from state and federal partner agencies. This committee is responsible for reviewing CAMPO plans, reports, and issues and making recommendations on each to the Policy Board.  The Technical Committee includes the following members:

  • Jeff Bergman, City of Columbus-Bartholomew County Planning Director
  • Andrew Beckort, Columbus City Engineer (Technical Committee Chairperson)
  • Danny Hollander, Bartholomew County Engineer (Technical Committee Vice-Chairperson)
  • Mark Jones, Columbus Parks & Recreation Director
  • Jeff Lucas, Bartholomew County Surveyor’s Office Mapping Division Head
  • Brian Payne, Columbus Municipal Airport Assistant Director
  • Roger Kelso, Columbus City Utilities Director
  • Mike Richardson, Columbus Police Chief
  • ColumBUS Transit Coordinator (Position Currently Vacant)
  • Becky Packer, INDOT Seymour District, Special Projects Engineer
  • Brett Boezeman, Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation Director of Operations
  • Brian Jones, INDOT Transit Program Manager
  • Emmanuel Nsonwu, INDOT Transportation Planner
  • Patrick Carpenter, Federal Highway Administration (Technical Committee Non-Voting Member)
  • Angelica Salgado, FTA Transportation Program Specialist (Technical Committee Non-Voting Member)

Citizens Advisory Committee

The Citizens Advisory Committee provides the Policy Board with public input on transportation planning matters. Specific responsibilities of the committee include: (1) fostering local awareness of transportation policy and planning; (2) promoting interactions between residents, the Policy Board, Technical Committee, and the Planning Department staff; and (3) sharing current and emerging concerns related to transportation in Columbus and Bartholomew County.

The Citizens Advisory Committee includes the following members, who serve two-year terms:

  • Andrea Bland
  • Ricky Berkey
  • David Doup
  • Mahvish Ghufran
  • Jessica Gomez
  • Lowell Engelking
  • Greg Lewis
  • Eric Riddle
  • Lori Rowen
  • Steve Ruble
  • Paul Sowerby
  • Roger Lang

If you would like to be considered for future openings on the Citizens Advisory Committee you can find the application here.  If you would like to receive a fill-in form by email, or have any questions, please contact Laura Thayer at 812.376.2550 or