About the Flood Response & Evacuation Plan

The Flood Response & Evacuation Plan (FREP) has been developed as a resource for the City of Columbus and the Bartholomew County Emergency Management Agency.  It provides the necessary tools for forecasting the timing and severity of flooding; providing flood warnings to the community; identifying evacuation areas, gathering places, and shelters; pre-positioning emergency response personnel and equipment; and recovering after flooding has subsided.

Flood Response & Evacuation Plan

Exhibit 1 – 10-year Flood Impacts 
Exhibit 2 – 50-year Flood Impacts 
Exhibit 3 – 100-year Flood Impacts
Exhibit 4 – 500-year Flood Impacts 
Exhibit 5 – Flood-safe Routes

Exhibit E1 – 10-year Flood Depths
Exhibit E2 – 50-year Flood Depths
Exhibit E3 – 100-year Flood Depths
Exhibit E4 – 500-year Flood Depths

USGS Stream Gages

The United States Geological Survey has stream gages located in or near Bartholomew County that provide current river and stream conditions.  The information from the gages listed and linked below is the basis for the FREP.

Driftwood River at Edinburgh
Flatrock River at Columbus
East Fork White River at Columbus
Haw Creek at Hope
Haw Creek at Clifford
Haw Creek at East Columbus
Clifty Creek at Hartsville
Clifty Creek at Columbus