joint1The Edinburgh / Bartholomew / Columbus Joint District Plan Commission has adopted the Bartholomew County Zoning Ordinance for use in the Joint District as well.  The applicable Joint District Subdivision Control Ordinance is the Bartholomew County ordinance that was in effect at the time the Joint District was established.

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Zoning Ordinance – Table of Contents

The zoning ordinance for the Joint District is provided below.  It was adopted by Joint District Plan Commission Ordinance #1, 2022 and was effective as of January 3, 2023.

The corresponding zoning map is provided as a layer on the Bartholomew County GIS (GIS Basic Instructions).  Please feel free to contact our office with any zoning-related questions (phone: 812.376.2550 / email:

1. Basic Provisions
2. Administration
3. Zoning Districts
4. Overlay Zoning Districts
5. Planned United Development
6. Use Standards
7. Parking & Circulation Standards
8. Landscaping Standards
9. General Development Standards
10. Sign Standards
11. Nonconformities
12. Processes & Permits
13. Enforcement & Penalties
14. Definitions

Commercial Solar Energy System Zoning Regulations – The Joint District zoning regulations include recently added content with regard to commercial solar energy system facilities.  Incorporation of this content into the zoning ordinance document will occur at a later date.

Subdivision Control Ordinance

Joint District Subdivision Control Ordinance