The City of Columbus Comprehensive Plan supports the development of “infill” sites as an alternative to the continued outward expansion of the City. This infill development assists with community goals for the protection of farmland, the efficient use of infrastructure investments, the wise use of tax-payer dollars, orderly long-term community growth, and quality neighborhoods (Goals A-4, D-1, D-3).

The potential infill development sites profiled here have been identified by the Planning Department as meeting each of the following criteria: (1) the property is undeveloped, vacant, or clearly underused, (2)  the property is either within the City limits or encompassed by the City, (3) the property is not part of a project that is actively being developed as part of the outward growth of the City, (4) the property is large enough to support a commercial use or development or multiple dwelling units, and (5) the property’s most likely future use is commercial or residential.  Information on industrial sites is available through the Greater Columbus Economic Development Corporation.  For information on properties representing the outward growth of the City see the Strategic Growth Study below.

This inventory was developed to assist in the consistent identification of these infill sites in the community in response to on-going inquiries from developers and a diversity of community groups.  The presence of any property profile should not be interpreted as indicating that property is owned or controlled by the City, that it is for sale, that any specific development approvals have been granted, or that it is specifically eligible for any development incentives from the City of Columbus.

Property owners, realtors, or others seeking to have specific properties added to or removed from this inventory should feel free to contact the Planning Department.  Properties that meet the criteria listed above will be added.  Properties will be removed from the inventory upon request of the property owner and/or upon determination by the Planning Department that the inventory criteria are no longer met.

Anyone seeking additional information about the zoning regulations, comprehensive plan policies, or other characteristics or regulations affecting the development of these properties should also contact the Planning Department (phone: 812.376.2550).

2022 Progress Report:

The 2022 progress report identifies those infill sites developed since the profiles were launched in 2012.  It also includes a summary of their impact in the community, including added residential and commercial development and changes in assessed property value.

2022 Infill Site Profiles Progress Report

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Updated: 2.8.2022

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The Strategic Growth Study is intended as a complement to the Infill Site Profiles provided above.  It was initiated out of a desire by the City of Columbus to proactively prepare for and direct future outward industrial, commercial, and residential development. Land availability is limited within the existing corporate boundaries and infill development poses challenges, particularly for sizeable industrial operations and residential development.

The Strategic Growth Study identifies areas within Columbus’ 2-Mile Planning Jurisdiction, as well as undeveloped incorporated areas at the perimeter of the Columbus city limits, that have development potential due to a combination of factors, such as access to infrastructure and city services. The study of these areas is intended to ensure that City growth is orderly and avoids the characteristics of sprawl.  The Study highlights development constraints that the City can address in order to enable thoughtful, strategic growth.

Although this study identifies privately-owned properties that may be developed in the future, it does not recommend any involuntary annexations or the acquisition of property by the City of Columbus. It anticipates that development will be driven by the private market. The Strategic Growth Study is intended to be used as a tool to discourage sprawl and lead growth towards areas where infrastructure is available or can be made available.

The Strategic Growth Study was finalized in February 2016.  For questions regarding this study, please contact the Planning Department at 812.376.2550.

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Residential Site Profile Summary (2 MB)
Commercial Site Profile Summary (2 MB)
Industrial Site Profile Summary (2 MB)