A complete library of Planning Department applications and forms is available below. Please note that both blank forms to be printed and completed and fill-in forms capable of being completed electronically are available.  Please note that the applications and forms are updated periodically and therefore it is recommend that frequent applicants return to the website to obtain current forms for each application rather than downloading and reusing a particular version.  The use of outdated forms can result in applications being delayed or re-work on the part of the applicant.  The applications and forms are intended to be used for all jurisdictions unless specifically indicated otherwise.

Application Fees

The required fee for each application type may be found on our Fee Schedule, which is available at the following link:  Fee Schedule

Application & Payment Instructions

To file an application, (1) mail the completed application form and any attachments to our office or (2) submit them by e-mail to planning@columbus.in.gov.  Please be sure that your e-mail and/or application form includes your complete contact information.  You will receive an e-mail reply that includes your application’s case number, fee amount, and verification of the jurisdiction to which the fee must be paid (Columbus or Bartholomew County).  After receiving the case number, fee, and jurisdiction verification, please mail a check for the appropriate amount, payable to the City of Columbus or Bartholomew County, as appropriate, to the address below.  Please be sure to include your application’s case number on the check’s memo line.  Applicants in the City of Columbus jurisdiction only may also pay by credit card through the City’s on-line payment portal. The Planning Department will not be able to approve your application until correct fee payment has been received.

Mail Payment Checks to:
City of Columbus – Bartholomew County Planning Department
Attn:  Janie Meek
123 Washington Street
Columbus, Indiana  47201

Credit Card Payment Portal (for City of Columbus applications only):
Visit the Credit Card Payment Page

Zoning Compliance Certificate (including Signs) / Site Development Plan Applications

Complete Application Materials Packet       Paper Form       PDF Fill-in Form
Application Form, Site Plan Checklist, Waiver/Modification Worksheet & Sign Worksheets

Application Form Only       Paper Form       PDF Fill-in Form

Permanent Sign Worksheet Only       Paper Form       PDF Fill-in Form

Temporary Sign Worksheet Only       Paper Form       PDF Fill-in Form

Development Standards Waiver / Modification Worksheet Only       Paper Form       PDF Fill-in Form
For use with Site Development Plans Only, Please ask a Planning Department Staff Member.

Site Plan Checklist Only       Paper Form

Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) Applications

All variance and conditional use applicants must meet with a Planning Department staff member before completing and submitting an application.  Please contact the Planning Department at 812.376.2550 at least 1 week prior to the applicable Board of Zoning Appeals application deadline to schedule a review meeting.  The Planning Department cannot guarantee a timely review meeting if contacted less than 1 week prior to the deadline and is not responsible for any missed deadline that may result.

Select the Link Below and Download the PDF Fill-in Forms from Dropbox for Fill-in Use.

Board of Zoning Appeals Procedures Summary       Document

Development Standards Variance Application       Paper Form       PDF Fill-in Form

Conditional Use Application       Paper Form       PDF Fill-in Form

Use Variance Application       Paper Form       PDF Fill-in Form

Flood Hazard Area Variance Application       Paper Form       PDF Fill-in Form

Appeal of Administrative Decision Application       Paper Form       PDF Fill-in Form

Subdivision Applications

Select the Link Below and Download the PDF Fill-in Forms from Dropbox for Fill-in Use.

Subdivision Primary Approval Application       Paper Form       PDF Fill-in Form

Columbus Modification Worksheet

Bartholomew County Modification Worksheet

Major Sub. Construction Plan & Final Plat Application

Appeal of Plat Committee Decision Application

Bartholomew County Agriculture Affidavit

Subdivision Checklists

Agriculture Subdivision Checklist       Bartholomew County

Administrative Subdivision Checklist        Columbus       Bartholomew County

Minor Subdivision Checklist        Columbus        Bartholomew County

Major Subdivision Preliminary Plat Checklist        Columbus        Bartholomew County

Major Subdivision Final Plat Checklist        Columbus        Bartholomew County

Columbus Subdivision Improvement Agreements

Build & Dedicate Agreement       Paper Form       PDF Fill-in Form

Performance Security Agreement       Paper Form       PDF Fill-in Form

Revise Build & Dedicate to Performance Security Agreement       Paper Form       PDF Fill-in Form

Bartholomew County Subdivision Improvement Agreements

(Print form from Dropbox or download for interactive .pdf)

Build & Dedicate Agreement

Performance Security Agreement (Public Improvements)

Performance Security Agreement (Private Improvements)

Floodplain Regulation Related Forms

(Print form from Dropbox or download for interactive .pdf)

Community Acknowledgement Form Submission Instructions
Standard Form

Other Applications

Some forms may require download for Fill-in Use.

Annexation Petition       Paper Form       PDF Fill-in Form

Rezoning Application       Paper Form       PDF Fill-in Form

Planned Unit Development (PUD) Application

PUD Preliminary Plan Checklist

PUD Final Plan Checklist

Utility Connection Application Package (For connections outside of Columbus city limits)
Application & Annexation Waiver Package
Annexation Waiver

Right-of-Way Vacation Application