With 1/3 of the City of Columbus planning jurisdiction located in a floodplain, flooding is the primary natural threat to the community.  Remember don’t drive in flooded areas and obey all flood warning signals and road closings.  The Columbus Flood Risk Management Plan is intended to address all aspects of that flood risk.  The Plan assess the threat from local streams, provides the background information for the companion Flood Response & Evacuation Plan, evaluates opportunities to mitigate flooding risks for specific streets and neighborhoods, and identifies regulatory actions that could prevent the flood risk from becoming worse.

The Columbus Flood Risk Management Plan was recognized with the 2013 Excellence in Floodplain Management award from the Indiana Association for Floodplain and Stormwater Management (INAFSM).

The initial 2013 Plan was updated in 2020.  The current Plan materials are provided below.

All highlighted links are PDF documents.

Flood Risk Management Plan Document

Exhibit 1-4 – Flatrock, Driftwood & White River Depth Mapping
Exhibit 5 – Southern Crossing (White River) Depth Mapping
Exhibit 8 – 800 North (Flatrock River) Depth Mapping
Exhibit 9 – 550 North (Flatrock River) Depth Mapping
Exhibit 10-13 – Haw Creek Depth Mapping
Exhibit 14-17 – Clifty Creek Depth Mapping
Exhibit 19-22 – Denois & Opposum Creek Depth Mapping
Exhibit 25 – 400 West (Denois Creek) Depth Mapping
Exhibit 31 – 550 North (Big Slough) Depth Mapping
Exhibit 34 – 325 West (Catherine Creek / Driftwood River) Depth Mapping
Exhibit 38 – 325 West (Wolf Creek / Driftwood River) Depth Mapping
Exhibit 39 – Dam Failure Inundation Areas
Exhibit 40 – Floodprone Area Identification
Exhibit 41 – Most Promising Mitigation Projects
Exhibit 42 – Fluvial Erosion Hazard Corridors
Exhibit numbers not shown are reserved for future use.

Appendix 1 – Stream FIS Restudy Needs
Appendix 2 – Considered Mitigation Options
Appendix 3 – Possible Mitigation Options
Appendix 4 – Mitigation Project Cost Estimates
Appendix 5 – Floodproofing & Buyout Prioritization
Appendix 6 – Mitigation Project Modeling
Appendix 7 – Select Educational Materials