Metropolitan Transportation Plan Update (2020-2021)

CAMPO is in the process of updating the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (formerly know as the Long-Range Transportation Plan). Citizen involvement is the cornerstone of this Plan, and throughout the update process there will be several opportunities to provide input. Development of the plan will continue into 2021, so please check back for additional public participation events as transportation goals and specific projects are proposed for Columbus and Bartholomew County. If you have questions or comments, contact Laura Thayer at 812-376-2557 or

Two public workshops were held on October 22. If you missed these, you can view the recordings below. The two workshops have the same general content.


Current Transportation Plan (2016)

The CAMPO Policy Board adopted the current  2040 Long-Range Transportation Plan on November 14, 2016. The purpose of the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (LRTP) is to assess the existing transportation infrastructure in the Metropolitan Planning Area (MPA), and develop a strategy to maintain and enhance the area’s transportation assets through the plan horizon year of 2040. With inputs from CAMPO staff, local stakeholders, and the general public, the plan identifies existing transportation needs, establishes a vision, and prioritizes investments to facilitate a safe, efficient, multi-modal, and sustainable transportation system. The 2040 LRTP is an update to the 2037 LRTP, adopted in 2011. The five-year revision cycle ensures the MPO planning process reflects ever-changing community conditions. Amendments to the 2040 Long-Range Transportation Plan are:

DES# 1802958: I-65 Added Travel Lanes (Approved January 7, 2019)
DES# 0501212: I-65 Added Travel Lanes (Approved March 27, 2017)
DES#1700139: SR 46 Railroad Overpass (Approved July 10, 2017)