About CAMPO Plans & Program Documents

CAMPO’s primary purpose is the local coordination and distribution of federal transportation funds. To be eligible for these funds, CAMPO must prepare, adopt, and maintain (1) a Metropolitan Transportation Plan (otherwise known as the MTP or the long-range plan) that establishes an understanding of long-term transportation needs, (2) a Transportation Improvement Program (the TIP) that provides a short-term list of projects and their funding sources, and (3) a 2-year Unified Planning Work Program (the UPWP) describing how local transportation needs are continuously evaluated.  This page describes the current Metropolitan Transportation Plan, see the menu to the right for links to the other documents.

2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan

The MTP is updated every five years, a cycle that ensures that the document reflects ever-changing community conditions and transportation needs. Projects that are identified in the MTP are eligible for federal funding, usually for 80 percent of costs. The remaining 20 percent is the responsibility of the local government – City of Columbus or Bartholomew County – depending on the jurisdiction of the project.  CAMPO’s 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) was adopted by the Policy Board on November 8, 2021.

2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan Project List
2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan Complete Document