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City of Columbus Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Update

The Planning Department is seeking 12-15 individuals from the community to serve on the Steering Committee for the upcoming City of Columbus Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Update.

Individuals interested in being considered for the Steering Committee should complete and submit the application (link below).  Individuals may also request that the application be mailed to them by calling the Planning Department at 812-376-2550. Applications may be submitted by mail or email to Emilie Pinkston, Senior Planner, at the following address:

City of Columbus-Bartholomew County Planning Department
c/o Emilie Pinkston
123 Washington Street
Columbus, IN 47201


Applications must be received in the Planning Department no later than 5:00pm on Monday, January 14, 2019.  All who express an interest will be notified as to whether or not they have been selected.

Steering Committee Application Materials


The City of Columbus Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Update will serve as an update to the City’s first Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan, which was adopted in 2010. The Plan Update will identify opportunities to expand our bicycle and pedestrian network and will include strategies to make our system more convenient, safe, and comfortable for users. At a minimum the Plan Update will include: (1) recommendations for improving and expanding the City’s network of trails, bicycle lanes, sidewalks, and other bicycle and pedestrian facilities; (2) detailed design guidelines for all recommended facility types; (3) a wayfinding strategy and signage system for the city-wide bicycle and pedestrian network; (4) the identification of priority locations for trail and street lighting; (5) the identification of new trailhead locations; (6) the creation of a recognizable logo for the People Trail network; and (7) the development of a maintenance plan for bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

Steering Committee members will be tasked with providing input that facilitates the development of the Plan Update. Members will help identify key issues related to bicycle and pedestrian mobility, offer comments and opinions as new ideas are presented, and provide feedback on draft planning documents. The Steering Committee will meet 5 times throughout the 2019 calendar year, typically on weekday evenings. Members will often have materials to review in advance of meetings. Steering Committee members should be willing and able to attend all meetings, which will last approximately 2 hours each. Members should also be willing to review reading material before each meeting, freely express their own thoughts and opinions, and respect the opinions of others.

Elected and appointed city officials will also be serving on the committee. Committee meetings will be led by Rundell Ernstberger Associates, an Indianapolis-based consultant firm selected to lead the development of the Plan Update. Staff from the City of Columbus-Bartholomew County Planning Department, Columbus Engineering Department, and Columbus Parks and Recreation Department will provide technical input to the consultants and the committee.

All residents of the City of Columbus or within 2 miles of the city limits are welcome to apply for membership on the Committee. Membership is open to anyone who wishes to contribute to the future of the City’s bicycle and pedestrian network. Steering committee members will be selected as best fulfills the goal of having a diverse cross-section of Columbus-area residents to contribute to the development of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Update.

The purpose of the applicant questionnaire is to get to know applicants better as potential members of this committee. Individuals requiring a reasonable accommodation due to a disability may request a verbal interview by contacting Emilie Pinkston at the phone number or email below.

Please contact Emilie Pinkston at or 812-376-2550 with questions.