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Columbus Central Neighborhood Plan

Over the past 6 years, the neighborhood surrounding the former Golden Casting Foundry has changed dramatically.  This neighborhood, once a significant industrial presence in the City, has seen several former factories replaced with multi-family developments or repurposed as stores and restaurants.  This continued change in neighborhood composition has led to a number of questions about the future character of the area, particularly related to whether the condition of the streets and sidewalks can accommodate the new residents in the neighborhood, whether more residents can be supported in the neighborhood, and how potential conflicts between new residents and existing industrial uses can be minimized.  In order to address these questions and guide long-term development in the area, the Planning Department initiated the development of the Columbus Central Neighborhood Plan.  The Department partnered with Design Collective, a planning and design firm based in Baltimore, to prepare the document.


The Planning Department recently hosted a 3-day public workshop (Columbus Central Neighborhood Plan Workshop Poster) to gather input for the Plan.  Community residents were invited to share their thoughts about  neighborhood assets, neighborhood concerns, opportunities for improvement, and what the neighborhood should look like in 10-20 years.  Please view the closing presentation (below) to review the draft recommendations developed during the workshop.

Public Workshop Closing Presentation

Please continue to check back with the Planning Department as the recommendations for the Columbus Central  Neighborhood Plan continue to be refined and for future opportunities to provide input.

For more information about the Columbus Central Neighborhood Plan, please contact Emilie Pinkston, Senior Planner, at or at 812.376.2550.