City of Columbus Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Update

The Planning Department is in the early stages of developing the City of Columbus Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Update, which will serve as an update to the City’s 2010 Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan. The Plan Update will identify opportunities to expand our bicycle and pedestrian network and will include strategies to make our system more convenient, safe, and comfortable for users. At a minimum the Plan Update will include: (1) recommendations for improving and expanding the City’s network of trails, bicycle lanes, sidewalks, and other bicycle and pedestrian facilities; (2) detailed design guidelines for all recommended facility types; (3) a wayfinding strategy and signage system for the city-wide bicycle and pedestrian network; (4) the identification of priority locations for trail and street lighting; (5) the identification of new trailhead locations; (6) the creation of a recognizable logo for the People Trail network; and (7) the development of a maintenance plan for bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

To learn more about the Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Update, visit the project website at

The first public workshop for this project has been scheduled!  The details are below:
DATE: Thursday, June 20, 2019
TIME: 5:00pm – 8:00pm (The workshop is designed as an open house so participants are welcome to come at any time between this 3 hour window.)
LOCATION: Meeting Hall, Columbus City Hall, 123 Washington Street, Columbus, IN

The June 20th public workshop will be the first of two public workshops. This first workshop is intended to gather input about existing conditions of bicycle and pedestrian travel in Columbus and about desired routes and facilities.  The second public workshop, which will be scheduled later in 2019, will be intended to collect comments on draft recommended improvements to the bicycle and pedestrian network.

In addition to the public workshop, we also invite you to take an online community survey and contribute to an interactive online map.  The interactive map allows you to add points and routes on a map indicating your desired destinations, barriers to safe walking and biking, your current routes, and routes that you wish you could walk or bike safely.  The routes and points of other participants will also be visible, allowing you to make comments on the routes and points mapped by others! The survey and online mapping tool are available now through Friday, June 28 at the project website.

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Update is being guided by a Steering Committee of local residents and stakeholders. Several Steering Committee members teamed to create a series of public outreach posters.  In the outreach posters, the Steering Committee members stated why the bicycle and pedestrian network is important to them! Click here to view the posters.

Please contact Emilie Pinkston at or 812-376-2550 with questions.